Michele did the voicing and production of the audio description for our three films Pavarotti: Genius is Forever,The Beatles: Eight Days a Week, and the forthcoming 

2020 Bee Gees documentary. Because of Michele, I have become educated in accessible media, and she is also educating and encouraging other filmmakers to have audio description in their post-production for cinematic, streaming, broadcast 

and DVD releases, and thus making their work more inclusive. Moreover, it gives our films a wider audience which in turn opens them up to a wider marketplace

and a greater potential to earn more revenues. The added benefit for us is great! Michele’s audio description has indeed made these films inclusive for all. Thank

you Michele Spitz, Woman of Her Word!

Jeanne Elfant Festa
Co-Executive Producer

Pavarotti: Genius is Forever

The Beatles: Eight Days a Week - The Touring Years

It was a pleasure to work with Michele Spitz on the exhibition The Senses: Design Beyond Vision at Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum (April 13–October 28, 2018). In order to make our exhibition accessible to all visitors, the museum sought to incorporate open video description in the designated theater area and audio described exhibition tablets. We also created a comprehensive narrated audio gallery guide. This award-winning digital app is coordinated with braille numbers

in the gallery. Michele's wonderful voice and her expert knowledge of accessible communication practices guided us throughout our process. Her voice is an elegant beacon unifying our exhibition for the public. Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum is grateful for the generous support and expertise of Woman of Her Word.


Ellen Lupton
Senior Curator, Contemporary Design

Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum

DRA is grateful to Michele for lending her unique audio description expertise and voiceover talents to create compelling fundraising videos for our 2018 and 2019 galas. Michele worked closely with DRA and our film-making team to ensure a truly accessible, informative, and moving end product. In 2019, she presented the video onstage and did an excellent job of succinctly preparing our audience of supporters for their video experience. Michele's talent and passion for disability rights work runs deep and we're glad to have her on our team

Kate Hamilton
Managing Director

Disability Rights Advocates

Working with Michele was amazing. My film, Lives Well Lived, deals with aging and, therefore, it was especially important to me to have the film be accessible to everyone. I had figured out captioning but had no idea about audio description. I am so thankful 

to Michele for educating me and for providing the audio description for the film. The audio description of the film has added another dimension and has made it possible for everyone to enjoy the film.  I am forever grateful to Michele for all that she is doing to educate people about the need for audio description. She is truly a pleasure to work with and I hope to continue our work together in future projects.

Sky Bergman

Lives Well Lived

Michele Spitz voiced the audio descriptions for the documentary film, Dealt of which

I am the subject. Beginning to lose my sight at age nine, for over fifty years I have listened to thousands of talking books with hundreds of different professional readers, and I must say Michele has a voice and a way that beautifully fills in the visual scenes. Her voice is calm, articulate and she does not over-power the scene, yet holds you close and intimate like warm whispers from your mother or wife. Michele turns a

film where (for years) a blind person could only hear into a full sensory and 'visual' 




Richard Turner

Card Mechanic


Michele did a fantastic job on our film, Dealt. Her enthusiasm for audio descriptions is second to none and vibrantly shines through in her excellent work. Michele's attention to detail and joyful attitude made for a wonderful experience, and I look forward to working with her again on my next project!



Luke Korem


It was a wonderful experience working with Michele Spitz on the audio description for

my documentary feature, How Sweet the Sound - The Blind Boys of Alabama, the first film about this legendary gospel group. Michele’s clear, direct, nuanced and sensitive audio description is a terrific addition to this ten-years in the making project, and her commitment to making film available to blind and visually impaired audiences is unparalleled. One of the most compelling moments in this process came when two members of the Blind Boys of Alabama attended the closing night screening of the

film at the ReelAbilities New York Disability Film Festival and were able to actually

listen to the audio description using headsets with a very enthusiastic live audience, experiencing the film as they would not have otherwise. Now the Blind Boys of

Alabama will have this gift of the audio description track permanently as part of

their personal film collections!


Leslie McCleave
How Sweet the Sound - The Blind Boys of Alabama

I have 25 years as a professional audio engineer/producer, and of all the professionals I have encountered, Michele Spitz consistently exceeds all expectations in her commitment to perform excellent voiceover for projects

that have a positive impact on society. Her passion for making a difference through her work is infectious. Always generous, kind, flexible, and solution oriented, she is an asset to any production. The natural timber of her voice brings an inviting tone to the listener and credibility to the subject matter. Michele’s work does not end when she leaves the booth, as she commonly devotes her personal time to finding ways to ensure a project’s success via networking and creative problem solving to increase exposure and more opportunities for producers. Michele is a unique commodity; she continues to make media, the arts, and information accessible for people

with disabilities through her work.



Rick Boggs 
Producer, Audio Engineer, Disability Rights Advocate 
Audio Eyes 

It was a huge pleasure working with Michele on Looking at the Stars. She not

only is an incredible voiceover artist with a soothing voice, but she is also very passionate and cares deeply about every project that she works on. Meeting

her was probably one of the best things that happened to our film. Our film 

about the only ballet school for the Blind in the world offered many challenges, such as the need to capture and describe the energy and the beauty of dance, and Michele was able to shine and express this through her voice. Because of

her commitment, professionalism, and her talent, our audio description became

a more poetic and artistic journey for the various audiences we are hoping to inspire. 

Alexandre Peralta

Looking at the Stars

Listening to Michele's audio description for our film, Perfectly Normal for Me was an 

"ear opening" way of "seeing" our work anew. Having screened the film hundreds

of times in the editing process, we were newly moved by the power of Michele’s

lovely voice, pitched perfectly to what was happening onscreen. Combine this with

her evocative descriptions so beautifully woven into the film, as she seamlessly

blends and enhances the storytelling and – well, we saw everything in a new light.

The real gift is not the gift Michele gave to us of the audio description, but rather the gift she has been given - her beautiful voice and the spirit it expresses. We will listen again and again and never make another film without Michele’s audio description. 

We are delighted that we can now reach a whole new audience.


Elizabeth Hemmerdinger


 Catherine Tambini 


Perfectly Normal for Me

Michele Spitz is one of the most dynamic, creative, and generous people I have ever met; she is truly a force of nature. Michele approached Guide Dogs for the Blind with an offer we couldn’t refuse, donated voicing of our materials. She began with lending her unique talents to voice our donor recognition display for our newly constructed Student Residence. She then produced the first-ever audio version of our Puppy Raising Training Manual, and continues to record our quarterly audio newsletters

for our blind clients since 2014. Her talent for the work is genuine, her voice is very

clear and precise while remaining warm and welcoming. It is truly rare to encounter

a person who is so dedicated to a goal that they offer their services without being solicited, Michele is one of these rare women, a real Woman of Her Word.

Theresa Stern 
Vice President of Outreach and Alumni Services 
Guide Dogs for the Blind (GDB) 

As a producer and distributor of independent theatrical content, I seek to bring the fullest experience possible to audiences and my filmmaker clients. In keeping with that commitment, I am so proud and honored to have been blessed to have an ongoing creative relationship with Michele Spitz of Woman of Her Word. In the

past three years, Michele and her magnificent heart and voice have made a

global impact by providing powerful imagery to those who benefit from the

artistry of audio description.

Marc Bovee


For the last three years, Michele Spitz has been a generous supporter of

Superfest International Disability Film Festival in San Francisco. We insist

on having all of our films audio described and captioned, but for many

filmmakers this would not have been possible had it not been for her

support and talent as a voice actor. Michele’s volunteer role as an award announcer, as well as her annual sponsorship to support our additional

access costs and filmmaker’s travel, have been instrumental to our festival’s success. She brings the highest standards to every project and gives audio description the respect it deserves.


Emily Smith Beitiks, PhD 

Associate Director 
Paul K. Longmore Institute on Disability 

ReelAbilities Disability Film Festival New York has had the pleasure of working

with Michele Spitz. She is a gifted audio describer who has described a number

of outstanding films that have been screened at our festival. Michele selectively sponsors and voices opening and/or closing night films annually. Michele’s work

is enabling a growing number of visually impaired and blind individuals to fully enjoy the experience of movie going.

Anita Altman 

ReelAbilities Film Festival 

Working with Michele of Woman of Her Word was not only simple and easy, but

a genuine pleasure. I met Michele at a screening of my film Becoming Bulletproof, a film about disabled actors making a movie. Michele Spitz truly illuminated us to the world of audio description and the importance of making this film accessible to all communities. At the time, we had no idea what audio description was. I

can honestly say, if it wasn’t for her, we would never have had the film audio described. She guided us through the process of getting audio description

made for my film. I have recommended her to many of my filmmaking peers

and would be lucky to work with her again.

Theodore James 

Becoming Bulletproof

Michele Spitz is not just a highly talented and committed voiceover artist, but an extraordinarily generous and lovely human being to boot. She educated me about audio description and was utterly true to the spirit of my film in her work without any direction or input from me. She just gets it! I never thought I would enjoy listening

to my film being described through voiceover. Michele’s voice made me feel the

spirit of my own film in a whole new way. I look forward to collaborating with her

in the future.

Shonali Bose

Margarita With A Straw 

Woman of Her Word made a huge contribution to our film Do You Dream in Color. Michele Spitz generously stepped in when we most needed support and enabled

our film to be fully accessible to blind and deaf audiences prior to our hitting the festival circuit. She was personally very invested in the highest quality of description for the film. Our audiences have been incredibly happy with the audio description experience provided by Woman of Her Word. Michele is also incredibly dedicated to the expansion of services and equality for individuals who are blind. She is a much needed voice; a very important advocate for accessibility in film and media.

 Abigail Fuller  

Do You Dream In Color? 

Michele Spitz’s audio description for my film The Case of the Three Sided Dream  was invaluable. Not only did her work make my film accessible to a wider audience,

it also heightened my awareness of the millions of people with disabilities and the value in serving them. Michele is a high-energy and proactive person. Her work

both woke me up and opened doors for me to wake up others about the subject

of my film.

Adam Kahan 

The Case of the Three Sided Dream

Michele Spitz led the production of the audio description for my feature-length documentary, Terminal Device. I found that her knowledge of the process, experience and generous professionalism were invaluable and perhaps most importantly, that the warm, neutral timbre of her voice fits extraordinarily well with the film. Michele was instrumental in creating an excellent audio description for a film that frankly

was very challenging to so describe. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her for audio description work of any sort, and I look forward to working with Michele again in the future.

 Ross Turnbull 

Terminal Device 

Michele Spitz has recorded an amazing Descriptive Audio track for my new feature documentary,Hearing is Believing, about the astonishingly talented young musician and composer Rachel Flowers. Rachel being blind since birth, it is particularly important to have a quality descriptive track for this movie. Michele has provided

one that will make experiencing the movie a visceral experience for blind and vision-impaired audiences. Thanks, Michele, for all that you do.

 Lorenzo DeStefano 

Hearing is Believing 

It was a great experience working with Michele on our documentaryStates of Grace.  Although I’ve been making documentaries for over 30 years, I was completely unfamiliar with audio description and she guided us through the process with great professionalism and enthusiasm.  The quality of her voiceover is second to none and I was surprised to experience my own film in an entirely new way that was quite beautiful and moving. 

Mark Lipman

States of Grace

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